Accidents in the Transportation Industry

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There are a number of transportation services in the domain of the transportation industry. These services include airlines, bus services, taxi companies, and subways. Though these services usually aim to protect their passengers, they should also aim to protect their workers, as they are at just as much, if not more, risk of being injured.

The transportation industry works as a series of worker groups that are responsible for the safety of other worker groups. Some works may be injured when other workers commit negligent actions.

The chain of worker groups that rely on one another for safety includes:

Drivers and pilots
Transportation and flight attendants
Maintenance and custodial crews

Each of these groups serve a vital function in ensuring the safety of both passengers and fellow workers. For instance, drivers and pilots need a safe vehicle to operate, which the maintenance and custodial crews must ensure. Flight and transportation attendants rely on pilots and drivers, respectively, to safely operate the vehicles they service. Maintenance crew members are responsible for providing safe conditions for their fellow maintenance workers. Each of these groups rely on the custodial team to provide a clean environment in which to work.

When a group fails to uphold its duties, it may come at the expense of another group. These workers may suffer severe injury or even death. These injuries may linger and may lead to lost wages and long recovery periods.

Workers who are injured because of their coworkers’ negligence may be entitled to financial compensation if they can prove that a negligent action occurred. The responsible entity is usually the company that owns the transportation services, as that entity usually maintains liability for injuries sustained on their vehicles.

If you are a transportation worker that was injured because of your coworker’s negligence, you may want to file a personal injury lawsuit to help cover your medical expenses and debts. It is important to hire an experienced workplace injury lawyer to handle your case, as suing employes is usually requires a difficult legal process.


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